Our employment discrimination lawyers have successfully handed lawsuits for employees who were discriminated against, harassed, or fired from their jobs due to their religion. Religious harassment includes calling employees unkind names due to their religions or religious practices. If a manager or supervisor engaged in religious harassment, or is aware of a lower level employee doing so after a complaint to the supervisor or manager we may well be interested in taking your case for religious harassment. There is no place in the California workforce for religious harassment.

Religious discrimination may include a failure to accommodate an employee’s religious observances. For example, an employee who observes Sabbath may need the Sabbath off. Discrimination short of a job termination is, however, difficult to take on a contingency basis. An employee who is repeatedly denied time off for religious observance may have to decide if it is time to quit the job. Our religious discrimination lawyers can advise you on how to quit your job, and if you can quit your job and sue as well as whether you can quit your job and collect unemployment.

If you feel your employer is refusing to accommodate your religious observances, but you have not lost your job over it and are not ready to quit a work stress case might be possible if the situation requires psychological treatment. If the situation does not rise to this level, a complaint with the Department of Fair Housing and Employment (DFEH) or EEOC may be the way to go. If you are fired because you made a complaint to the DFEH or EEOC that is wrongful termination. What you should do about religious discrimination at work is a decision that should be made under the guidance of a qualified workplace religious discrimination lawyer by contacting 909-663-2100.

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An employer refusing to allow an employee to go on a work trip due to the fact they have to observe Sabbath is most likely religious discrimination. The employer will have to demonstrate undue burden. If the work to be done was mostly on Sabbath, however, it might be too expensive for the employee to be flown out on the trip if they would only work a few hours on the non-Sabbath day, or the work process would have been sufficiently underway by the time they arrived that they would be catching up. Determinations whether an employer can make an argument about an undue burden are the subject matter of legal consultation. Contact our religious discrimination lawyers at 909-663-2100.

Most religious discrimination cases involve a job termination, failure to accommodate, or harassment based upon religion. Situations in which somebody feels they are generally being discriminated due to their religion are need something a judge and jury can sink their teeth into. If the employee is not considered for important work assignments that could be an issue. Our employee lawyers only work on a contingency. It may not be practical to sue an employer for not giving the employee the same work assignments as members of other religions if the employee has not lost their job due to their religion.

We have seen cases in which employers try to force conversions. These cases may also involve better treated employees who are in the group that does bible study, or worships in the same manner as the company’s owner or manager. Those facts are strong evidence to support religious discrimination if there is a job termination or need to quit over that situation.


Workplace religious discrimination can occur in countless ways. Examples include a failure to accommodate an absence of work due to religious observance. Not including employees in a work clique is actionable if that clique leads to better pay. However, if the clique is bible study after work it is unclear how not including somebody who is not a member of the particular religion is job discrimination. To know the law is to know what works in court and what does not. While many things may sound or seem wrong they may not be under the law.

Examples of lawsuits our firm has handled include:

• A refusal to allow an employee to keep the job because she could not work on Sundays

• A refusal to allow an employee to go on a work trip for a week because he wanted to observe Sabbath on Saturday

• Making multiple unkind comments and alleged jokes about a Muslim’s prayer practices

• Making fun on an Indian man because he worshiped a monkey

• Telling an American Indian he should do a rain dance

• Refusing to let a Jehovah Witness attend a religious retreat and insinuating it was not valid religious worship because it was not done in a church or temple

• Anti-Semitic comments made to Jewish people

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